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In February 1979, the first "art walk" was held by 16 Pioneer Square galleries. Since then the tradition has grown to over 11 neighborhoods in Seattle and across the country.

Each art walk is incredibly organized by volunteers and local organizations. Last summer, the city's art walk organizers started meeting and discussing opportunities to better support Seattle's heritage of monthly neighborhood art walks. From these meetings, Seattle Art Walks was born.

Our Mission

Seattle Art Walks builds and fosters Seattle's communities collectively as a resource to monthly neighborhood art walk organizers and the people, artists, and businesses who want to participate.

Our Plan

At this stage, we are a group of four volunteers building a nonprofit organization to provide more awareness, advocacy, and opportunities for local artists and businesses through Seattle's 45 year-old tradition of art walks.

For more information on current plans and timelines, please see our pitch presentation. Once we receive funding, we will build another version of this site with more features and content including:

  • A single, interactive map of participating venues

  • A digital archive of art walk history

  • FAQs

  • Best practices for artists and businesses

  • A catalog of artists interested in showing


Please follow us on Instagram for the latest updates. If you have any special art walk stories or memories you'd like to share, please also reach out via Instagram.

Thank you and more soon!

Andrew Rinke

Executive Director

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